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The total redo. Discover and maximize your home's potential with our comprehensive design process to create your dream space.

The quick home makeover. See your home in a whole new light as we modify, revamp, and update your home aesthetics for unbelievable results.

The ultimate DIY way to achieve the home you want with our step by step guide, tips, and how to. Quickly solve your difficult design challenges with virtual help from our designers.

Client Reviews

Tola is a visual genius. She worked within my pre-announced tiny budget, brilliantly. She made suggestions that had never occurred to me and there was no time wasted. She left me grateful for her visual ideas and her charming personality. If you want to find someone who listens to what you want and amplifies it, you'll be grateful, too!

Richard B.

I was clueless about how to make my new my new apartment feel lively, it looked like a dorm room. Tola was very patient with me, she listened to all my crazy ideas and somehow made them better than I'd imagined. 

Tiffany R.

My in-laws were coming to stay for the holidays, and the guest room was pure chaos.  Too busy with planning everything else, I needed a true professional to decorate the guest room perfectly and timely so I called Tola Decor. From the consultation to the last pillow placement, I was very impressed. Thank you for  coming to my rescue.

Whitney A.